AGUIAR & COMPANHIA is headed by a partnership of experienced Attorneys and engineers, all of them registered to practice before the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office, who ally the activities in the Intellectual Property field to the supervision and management of the firm, thereby assuring that the office adapts quickly to any changes in legislation and professional practice. The efficient company staff – which includes the partnership, professional assistants and many others specialized clerks – allow the firm to conduct with security the following services, among others:


•  Patent and Trademarks searches

•  Preparation, filing and prosecution of Patent, Trademarks and Design Applications in Brazil and abroad

•  Renewal of Patent, Design Patent and Marks within Brazil and overseas

•  Professional assistance in the transfer of Intellectual Property rights by licensing or assignment

•  Preparation of license and assignment documents

•  Lodging oppositions and appeals and relative proceedings

•  Software Registrations

•  Domain Name Registrations

•  Copyright Registrations

•  Litigations, Unfair Competition and lawsuits related to infringement of any rights established by a Patent, Marks or Design patents in Brazil and throughout the world

•  Trade Secret Protection

•  Consumer Law